About project

It is a newly built, smaller housing estate in the form of apartment buildings. The offer will include all layouts from studios to 3-bedroom apartments, all with a kitchenette area. They will excel at their high standard, emphasizing detail. Luxurious Italian tiles, quality flooring, outstanding bathroom equipment, and generous interior doors with hidden hinges.

At the current stage, we offer 4 apartment buildings for sale. Subsequently, we will be offering four more apartment buildings, which will be available between 2022 and 2023. We have an offer of current apartments ready for those looking right now for an apartment.

Our apartment buildings are followed by the construction of 25 terraced houses with plots of 120 – 240 m². The houses have three bedrooms plus a kitchenette with 108 m² of living space. Currently, 13 family houses already have their future owners. If you also want to live in new, modern premises that are open space but at the same time provide enough privacy, this is the right place to look.

Residential housing

Great availability

Pleasant environment

Leisure enjoyment